Yamashiro is a providence in Japan. It is here where Kisuke starts his story act and fights his first boss and Momohime her 6th act and fights Big Oni/Boss Demon.

Momohime's StoryEdit

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Kisuke's StoryEdit

Spoiler Warning: This contains information about Kisuke's Story Arc.

Kisuke's Story Arc: Act 1

Kisuke wanders to Mt. Fushimi on the Hotokesaka Ridge in Yamashiro, where he encounters ninjas exclaiming that they will kill "Kisuke the Fugitive Ninja," unless he gives up now. With no recollection of who he his, he excalaims that that he guesses that he is beleives is the fugitive ninja they are talking about. The ninja were summoned by their master from not only the Iga Province, but the surrounding Provinces as well, waiting for them to kill him. he tells them he doesn't remember who he is and will not comply to thier threats, deciding to fight them off. Kurozaru an elite ninja of the Skull Valley Ozaru Ninja clan, tells kisuke he will kill him. After defeating Kurozaru, Yuzuruha, a kitsune, asks Kisuke for help. She asks him to use his sword to deliver the souls of the lives he has taken so he could forge demon blades. Kisuke decides to go to Iga in Skull Valley so he can gather information about who he is and gather souls to create demon blades for his use.