Soul Transfer is an Oboro Style technique that allows one to transfer his/her soul into another body by using the Muramasa known as Kuromitsu. The technique was first developed by So Xian and Oboroya Senju as a form of immortality, the latter presenting the technique to Izuna Jinkuro. After being given a death curse by a Nekomata he drove off, Jinkuro obtained Kuromitsu and attempted to transfer his soul into Yagyu Yukinojyo. But ended up accidentally taking control over the young princess Momohime while losing Kuromitsu. Compared to So Xian and the samurai's later possession of Yukinojyo, Jinkuro's case in taking over Momohime's body had him forced to coexist with the girl's soul.


  • Despite the fact that Soul Transfer requires a certain blade to use, it seems that Jinkuro uses it multiple times on Momohime.