This page will contain the summary of Pandemonium of the Oboro Sword, Momohime's story. Exact dialogue will not be covered in this page yet.


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Starting ActEdit

Area: Sagami Cemetery (not exact name)

Coming to in a cemetery, Momohime questions if she is dead as she meets a monk who calls her "Jinkuro." Momohime replies that she does not know that name, leading a lead monk named Rankai to believe that she forced him out, before seeing the whisp that is Jinkuro's soul. Jinkuro explains that as she got in his way in taking the body of her husband to-be Yukinojyo, he is forced to use her as he quickly takes over while she is shocked to find herself reduced to a soul. After Jinkuro tells Momohime to obey him for the time being, he uses her body to defeat a Blue Monk. But during the fight, Jinkuro finds that Momohime's soul was stolen by the monks, knowing that his borrowed body would become useless if anything happens to the girl's soul. After Kongiku provides him with a Muramasa Mask, Jinkuro then sets off to Yoshiwara to rescue Momohime's soul.

Act 2Edit

Area: Musasahi Shin-Yoshiwara

Once in Yoshiwara, confronting Rankai, Jinkuro learns that the souls of girls being stolen and taken captive by a Wanyudo that is revealed to have obtained Momohime's soul from Rankai. After defeating the Youkai, Jinkuro retrieves Momohime's soul. He seems to be a bit kinder to her, despite his threat to seal her soul away if she does not behave herself.