Difficulties or Difficulty Levels are a feature in Muramasa - The Demon Blade, where the player selects their playstyle. There are initially two difficulty levels to choose from: Muso and Shura. However, if the player beats the game on Shura, they will unlock the Shigurui difficulty.

During gameplay, the player can choose to swap difficulties at any time under the Settings section--even while in battle.


Muso is the normal difficulty in Muramasa. It is described in the game as "Cut through enemies easily. Progress steadily even you're not skilled at action games."

Muso is recommended for those who have just started the game for the first time.


Shura is the hard difficulty level in Muramasa. It is described in the game as "To advance, you must evade, defend, and use Secret Arts masterfully. Only for the brave."

Shura is recommended for those who have completed the game at least once with both characters. Shura makes enemies hit harder, and act more intelligently.


This difficulty appears when the player has beaten the game on Shura. The only thing currently known on this wiki about Shigurui is that it restricts the player's character to a maximum of 1 Life Flame regardless of level. This requires the player to avoid being hit at all to advance.